White Paper

The Crypto School  $TCS - WHITEPAPER

Ticker: TCS20 (ERC 20) Contract address: 0x0Cd1b0e93eBAAD374752af74FE44F877dd0438c0

Who to follow: There are a lot of groups in crypto scamming and dumping on their members. In Twitter they are countless. They are “shilling” to dump on you. There are few honest traders sharing their positions and it´s very hard to identify them. You can see some “paid groups”, they are very expensive and in most of the cases you get blocked after make the payment.

What to Hold: Almost all coins/tokens are increasing their circulation supply or by mining or team selling to raise funds. Because of this, its price in sats only decrease. Holders don´t earn nothing and end up capitulating their investments.

What is Crypto School?
We are a team of Skilled crypto traders from the world. As a member of Crypto School you will receive the most important updates in the market, best selected studies materials on the internet and you will be part of a special group where you will be ble to see the strategic TA made by our team. You will receive in first hand the best selected Fundamental Analysis from our exclusive “Gem Hunter Contest”, every month. As a member you will learn how the market works, to where the money is flowing and the best strategies to maximize profits. No pump and dump, no scam, just strategy and knowledge.

Mission: To help as many people as we can in Crypto World
Vision: To become top 100 projects in Crypto ranking
Values: Honesty, Competence and Ethics

TCS will create a Tutoring Platform (with referal system) with all content you need to know to become a pro Trader. In this platform you will be able to see all market updates and all TA made by TCS team. The lifetime membership fee will be shared when our Tutoring platform is done. We only accept payments with TCS Token. The amount in TCS will be constantly updated on our website according to the token price volatility. If the token´s price goes up, fewer tokens are required for the subscription, so if the token´s price falls, more tokens will be required for registration.

Token use:
The TCS Token is used to sign up our service. We only accept TCS as membership payment. It´s a no-mint token, burnable and deflationary with a powerful valuation plan. TCS token starts with a very low total supply of 25,000,000 tokens. As a deflationary token, we will make a lot of “coinburn” until we reach the limit of only 10,000,000 tokens in circulation. A deflationary token trends to always increase its sats value.


This is the life cycle of TCS token:

Supply Distribution:

30% Sponsor Commission
After validating your application as a Crypto School member, your Telegram ID can be used as your sponsor ID. With this ID you can invite your friends to sign up Crypto School. When a friend joins using your ID, at the time of his/ her signature validation 30% of paid tokens return to your wallet. Indicating only 4 friends you will recover your investment and still earn 20% profit. There´s no limit for invitations.

BI-Weekly Holders Airdrop
30% tokens of all paid entries WITHOUT Sponsor ID will be airdropped to wallets with minimum 1000 tokens, proportionally excluding the team wallet. If there´s no wallet eligible for airdrop, this amount will be paid to the team.

50% of the tokens collected at the inscriptions will be burned fortnightly until there are only 50,000 tokens in circulation

Administrative/ Human Resources Costs
We will pay all monthly costs of the business with 20% of the tokens collected at the subscriptions until the coinburn limit is reached. If the amount collected is not enough, the costs will be covered by the trades profits. After reaching our goal of only 10,000,000 tokens in circulation the amount collected in each subscription will be distributed as follows: 30% to sponsor or airdrop and 70% for the team.

Buyback and Burn Portfolio
Our traders will manage a special portfolio where part of gains made with trades will be used to buy back and burn TCS.


The Crypto School Services will be running for free (as beta) on Telegram Channel until the team raise enough funds to open the Tutoring platform.


Start as microcap, around rank 1000 in CMC and raise to TOP 100 Projjects
Burn tokens until only 10,000,000 left
Create larger/ strong community able to win any exchange listing votes contest
100k + active users
Participate in listing voting contests in all possible exchanges
Promote buy back and burn program to accelerate the burn goal
Help as many people as possible in our market


Team is formed by 1 CEO, 1 School leader, 1 Community leader, 1 CFO, 1 trader leader and 5 skilled traders. This structure can change in future.

“‘If you can?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Mark 9:23