Bounty Program

Learn how to win free tokens

Welcome to our powerful Bounty Program, up to 2000 tokens to be shared between who help to promote Crypto School.
You can help to promote in Twitter, Telegram or Youtube

This pomotion is valid only for who joined the Chat Group before 1st October 2019 or new members. You only need to sponsor new members using your Telegram ID as referral. This Bounty will run during all Q4 2019.

Earn $50 in TCS commissions for each new member that use your Telegram ID as referral!

FREE MEMBERSHIP (valid for who joined the TG chat before 1st Oct)

Sponsoring only 5 new members you win Frre Lifetime Membership

100 TCS Free!

The TOP 20 Sponsors during Q4 2019 will share a pool of 2000 TCS.
Sponsor minimum 10 new members (using your Telegram ID as referral) to participate.

Learn more in this article:

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