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Crypto School is the first real school of Crypto. We are a team of professional traders who will help you to BE A PRO in Crypto. in the Crypto world. Crypto, as McAfee says, it´s a wild west! You need to understand how the market works, how charts works and where the money is going. You need to surf the waves of the crypto. The Crypto School offers: educational material, the exclusive ALL in One Altcoins NEWS group, PRIVATE TRADE group, promotions, airdrops, bounties, contests and more. All of this with the best sources of information. .

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Program Features

Doesn't matter how much you have today. Only your goals matters!


You will receive weekly educational material to study and understand how to read charts, indicators and market.

VIP Trading Room

-> Constant BTC TA updates
-> Altcoins TA updates
-> Market moving updates
-> Important Market news
Not financial advice.

GEM Hunter Contest

Every month we will promote a Gem Hunter Contest open to all communities in Twitter. As a member you will receive in first hand the best selected Fundamental Analysis before the Contest starts.

All in One Announcement Channel - FREE

We reviewed over 2000 crypto projects including news channels, exchanges channels and more. We created an All in One Announcement channel with more than 500 selected information sources. Forget following a lot of channels. Stay up to dated in Crypto World with our All in One news channel.

TCS Utility Token Features

Starting as a Microcap we have ambitious goals

Almost all tokens in the market increase their circulation supply constantly or by mining or team selling to raise funds, most of the time their value in sats is reduced drastically. There are few successful cases and many scams. The holders only see their money disappear and end up capitulating their investments. The Crypto school token works just the opposite.
With only 200k initial tokens we have a real use case and a very powerful valuation plan.

To be part of our select group you will need to buy our TOKEN and pay the fee on our website to access the service.That simple, This amount of tokens will be constantly updated according to the volatility of the token price, but always around 150 dollars for life time subscription. If the price of the token goes up, fewer tokens are required to join, if the price of the token falls, more tokens will be required to join.

Low Supply

Type: ERC 20
Contract: 0xc9695059360e89bc55fb975e51083ab222993888
Circulation Supply/ Total Supply: 120,000/ 170,000*
No mint

Earn Commissions

As a member you can invite your friends to Crypto School and win ~ U$50.00 for each friend that sign up the service. There´s no limit for this bonus, you can invite as many friends as you can. Comissions are paid in TCS token.

Bi-Weekly Coinburn

Half of the tokens collected with new registrations will be burned fortnightly until only 50,000 tokens are left in circulation.

Bi-Weekly Airdrop to Token Holders

If you just want to hold TCS tokens, this is a huge opportunity to generate passive income: Why? 30% of all new registrations that do not provide a sponsor ID will be airdroped for holders with more than 1000 tokens. This airdrop will happen fortnightly.

Buy Back and Burn Program

We have a strategic investment portfolio where part of the gains with BTC or ETH made by our traders will be used to buyback and burn our tokens. We want to achieve our goal of only 50,000 tokens in circulation as fast as we can..

Trading is live!

Join the Holding Competition on Etherflyer for big prizes!
Read this article to learn how to create a TCS wallet using Metamask

More exchanges to come! We are listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko!

TEAM (read the white paper for full team composition)

Dante R. - Founder CEO
Responsible for making the project happen/ Deals/ Partnerships/ Workaholic

The Strategist

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Bil - Co-Founder - School Leader
Responsible for Traders team, Gem Hunter Contest, Study Materials/ Long date in Crypto

The Chart Master

Bia G. - CFO
Responsible for Financial Planning

$1 in her hand is worth $10 in the market

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© 2019 The Crypto School. All rights reserved. This content is not financial advice and should not form the basis of any financial investment decisions nor be seen as a recommendation to buy or sell any good of product. Trading cryptocurrency is complex and comes with a high risk of losing money, particularly if you trade on leverage. You should carefully consider whether trading cryptocurrencies is right for you and take the time to learn how trading and market works. “‘If you can?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Mark 9:23